Modern bathroom essentials

Modern bathroom essentials

Modern bathroom essentials

The bathroom is the most essential amenity of any infrastructure demands of utmost importance while planning out its interior. All owners expect their construction to encompass most modern facilities. The bathrooms of modern days are well furnished with most modern accessories that foster a hygienic and sophisticated ambiance to the users. Bathrooms are well structured and planned out to fulfill the requirements of the contemporary world. The rooms are also given an extraordinary look by planned and appropriate arrangement of various accessories.

In this article, we will cover all the modern bathroom essentials that are convenient for usage and gives a good modern look. Today we would be sharing some essential bathroom accessories which are at an affordable cost yet high in quality products. Products like active showers, towel warming drawers, Premium toilet seats, tap filters, etc. can turn your average looking bathroom into an aesthetic, luxurious, and modern washroom.

A few modern bathroom essentials are enlisted below for the reference of builders.

1] Active showers-

Active showers are one of the most essential items for your bathroom. As hard water and contaminated water does not only harm your physical body but can also severely damage your health. One should shift to active bathing with the help of an active shower filter, which helps in eliminating this problem. There are several companies and brands that provide such good quality active showers, among which Watamate active+ shower filters is the most reliable one.

As Watamate manufactured these Watamate active+ shower filters with an inbuilt multi-layer feature which not only softens the water but also ionizes the water through hardness control, chlorine removal, micro sieve, etc. This product is highly recommended as it protects you and your family from health diseases that can be caused by hard, contaminated, or high in chlorine water. And it also comes with a fragrance filled aroma cartridge, which gives a pleasant fragrance to your washroom. Watamate active+ shower filter comes with these high tech features along with a solid metal body and a sleek design, which gives your bathroom an amazingly modern look.

2] Tap filter-

The tap filter is another essential accessory of a bathroom. A tap filter gets attached to your standard faucet and thereby helps in making the water cleaner. A good quality tap filter is beneficial as it has a better filtration system, therefore protecting your skin, body, and hair from any harm caused by contaminated or hard water.

The tap filters manufactured by Watamate company is highly recommended as it filters out the toxic contaminants such as chlorine, lead, benzene, and asbestos contaminants. Watamate tap filter is easy to install and provides a filtration system that serves you for a longer duration than that of a usual tap filter. This tap filter quickly eliminates chemical compounds such as lindane, VOCs, etc. that may lead to irritation of the skin. These warranty tap filters prevent limescale formation and also prevent bacterial and viral accumulation is tap heads. An idle tap filter should be capable of enduring high temperatures, and this ability is present in the Watamate tap filter.

3] Towel warming drawer-

One should keep upgrading their bathroom with the help of accessories that is essential and can suit you and, at the same time, give a better look to your bathroom.

The towels and robes are kept toasty warm and ever ready to safeguard the users from the chill of the bathroom tiles with the usage of cozy towel warmers. It gives an impeccable spa experience every time after shower. The safety of the users is also taken care of while planning out the positioning of these drawers. It also helps to get rid of the foul odor of wet towels, which hampers the pleasant feeling after a shower.

4] Touch free flush-

With the development and upgradation in each sector and technology, it is also essential to have a washroom that is upgraded with modern design along with accessories that are necessary and maintains your hygiene.

Generally, bathrooms are regarded as storehouses of infections. The usage of advanced hands-free flushes is enhancing at a rapid rate as it offers a hygienic flushing system. The touch-free flushes have a wide range of merits, including:

• Healthier Environment

• Increased efficiency

• Prolonged lifespan

• Effective Cost

5] Shower speaker-

Listening to music while having a shower is one of the recent trends of modern society. To convene, the users enjoy their shower with music. There are a number of well-designed shower speakers with the most advanced tools and technologies. This enables the user to forget all his worldly concerns and have a peaceful shower with a relaxed mind. A modern bathroom that creates a fresh and clean look, which typically consists of simple patterns, light colors, sleek designs, and shapes along with such shower speakers are indeed a popular choice.

6] Premium toilet seat-

Premium Toilet Seats are very important in modern bathrooms. Many comfortable seats of different sizes are available in the market. Plenty of toilet seats are equipped with a high gloss finish that is both durable and reflective for modern traditional trends. Many seats with water nozzle to clean up the hard to reach parts and keep away from toilet papers are also available.

7] GFCI Outlets

It is very genuine for all the builders to outfit the bathrooms with planned electrical systems. Each one of us has a different taste for variant designs for our bathrooms. No matter what kind of design and style you prefer, grounding should be done without fail as the bathrooms are wet almost all the time. Also, one should remember to install an exhaust fan in the bathrooms if there are no manual operational windows.


A great way to transform your house, as well as your bathroom, is by replacing your old products with these high techs, modern accessories. The above information takes the reader through a small glimpse of the latest bathroom essentials. The builders should keep themselves updated and look for the modern trends of infrastructure. The users should also never deny from putting in their minds to research the best available essentials for their bathrooms and hence for their house. For further information about these fantastic products such as Watamate activ+ shower and tap filters kindly visit our official website

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