Ways to Protect White Clothes

Ways to Protect White Clothes

Ways to Protect White Clothes

The color white in today’s world signifies the feel of being protected and encouraged. Wearing white clothes keep us calm and peaceful with a heap of comfort and hope. It also helps people overcome their emotional upsets. Though white clothes look very vibrant and attractive, it is an eternal struggle for all of us to safeguard them from stains and dirt. White fabrics become yellowish or grayish after numerous wash cycles. A brand new white shirt looks more brighter than the older ones. But with an ample of intelligent laundry tips the graying out of white clothes can be eliminated. This article provides the readers with few notable guidelines to protect the white clothes and prevent them from losing their charm.

A few ways that are generally employed by modern people are:

1. Use washing machine filter

High expensive white fabrics may often get spoiled due to the dirty water in the machine. Impurities and hardness in the water may also lead to non removable stains on white clothes. To avoid this and make sure that the clothes are washed with clean water, it is always good to have washing machine filters installed.

Watamate Softo S4 washing machine filters have brilliant water purifying ability with increased advantages. It purifies the water to a greater extent by removing the impurities and making the water soft. It employs an ultra sieve micro filtration technique for the effective removal of micro particles like rust and silt in the raw tap water. These filters have larger filtration capacity. Multiple crystalline balls ensure effective dirt removal and increase the life of the Watamate Softo S4 filter. Moreover, it supplies water to the machine continuously without affecting the water pressure or flow. It is easy for the user to fit and replace the Watamate Softo S4 filters for any brand of washing machine whenever required.

2. Avoid overloading of washing machine

Overloading of washing machines may lead to improper washing of clothes. This may leave behind the stains on white clothes and make the clothes even more worst to use. Clothes should be provided space to circulate around the machine. If the machine is filled to the top, it becomes difficult for the detergents to degrease and remove rigid stains from the white clothes. So it is good to adequately load the machine considering its capacity. Always make sure that the heavy and bulky fabrics are washed in small loads.

3. Choice of detergents

Detergents that constitute bleach as one of its ingredients will work more effectively on white clothes. The bleach has a peculiar property of converting soil stains into colorless soluble particles that can be easily washed away by water. Bleach also helps in enhancing the brightness and whiteness of the fabrics by removing stubborn stains.

4. Prerequisites to wash heavily soiled clothes

It is very important to make sure that the heavily soiled white clothes are presoaked before washing. This makes the cleansing action even more easier and effective. It is better to soak the heavily stained clothes in a presoak product dissolved in sufficient amount of luke warm water for at least a duration of half an hour to 45 minutes.

5. Wash white clothes separately

This is the most traditional method and plays a vital role in safeguarding the quality of the white clothes. It is always better to wash the white clothes separately so that the stains and residues from other colored clothes do not damage the white clothes.

6. Measuring of detergents:

Using required amount of detergent is also a main factor to be considered while washing white clothes. Under usage or over usage of detergents while washing white clothes is always not good. This may lead to formation of detergent residues on white fabrics and gives them a dull appearance.

7. Usage of Fabric softeners:

Though we want out white fabrics to be softer than all other clothes in the cupboard, a good housekeeping recommends not using fabric softeners while washing white garments. This is because the fabric softeners leave behind a layer of residues that increases the affinity of cloth fiber towards soil and stains. This in turn results in increased dullness and yellowing of white clothes.

8. Color removals:

One should use color removals regularly on white clothes. It is always good to use color removals once in a month or two whenever the clothes look too dull or yellowish. One can also opt for more feasible choice of soaking the clothes in boiling water and oxygen bleach that also helps in removal of dullness and magnifying the brightness of white clothes.

9. Drying of white clothes

White clothes are always recommended to be dried completely under low heat so that quality of the fabric is retained. Generally, drying the clothes under high temperatures may lead to wearing out of the fabric.

10. Maintenance of washing machines

It is very important maintain the hygiene of washing machines that are used for washing the white clothes. Washing machines should be regularly cleaned and maintained. One should keep the lint filters clean and rinse out the residues of soaps and detergents regularly. Denying the maintenance of washing machines may lead to abrupt stains on the white clothes. Clean the machine with lemon juice or vinegar would lead to enhanced hygienic results that last long.


Users with high expectations of retaining the florescent brightness of white clothes are advised to follow the above stated laundry tips. Though high tech optical brighteners are available in the market today to boost the whiteness of the fabric, it is always good to go with the most user friendly laundry tips mentioned above among which the most important one is usage of washing machine filters. To outfit your washing machines with Watamate Softo S4 washing machine filters visit https://www.watamate.com/watamate-softo-s4-washing-filter.html It not only removes the hardness of water but also the micro and nano residues of unfavorable minerals like iron (rust) present in the tap water. The filters of Watamate Softo S4 gift your washing machines with an extended lifetime.

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