Watamate Puro ACFT, Activated Carbon Water Filter Jug + Pacer+ Recharegeable Water Dispenser Pump

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Watamate Puro ACFT – Quick Overview:

Watamate a renowned brand in Water management solutions is proud to present its unique Water filtering solution called ‘Watamate PURO’. Using ADSORP advanced water filtering technology, Watamate PURO will filter out harmful contaminants within minutes to provide clean & safe drinking water.

Watamate Pacer+ –Overview:

A water dispenser is an unbelievable and accommodating machine that gives you water to day by day use according to your demand. In any case, you won't have the option to utilize your dispenser proficiently except if you purchase the Watamate Pacer+ Water dispenser pump. We promise you our fantastic quality and looked after gauges.

On the off chance that you have been searching for a simple to fit allocator pump with a solid motor, this may be your best decision. It doesn't require any sort of changes or alterations. Watamate has been a renowned organization for its great audits stayed with up since the beginning. The Pacer+ has great development and an ideal component.



Watamate Puro ACFT – Description:

Pure as Nature

Portable Filtration

A portable water filter jug designed by global experts with the Indian consumers in the mind. Watamate Puro offers the comfort of water filtering as simple in a jug.

Move Over Bulky Filters

No more wall mounted large space occupying, manual cleaning, expensive filter changes etc., for clean drinking water.

Best of Features

Ergo Handle, lid and funnel high precision chimeric, crystal clear water indicator, manual indicator for cartridge change

Advanced ACFT

Activated Carbon Filtration Technology deploys multi-layer composite filtration system to remove harmful bacteria, Odour of chlorine, visible contaminants.

Quick to Filter

BPA free food grade large 2.6 litre capacity jug holds the input water in the funnel. Filtered water gets collected in the jug within few minutes.

Economy at Best

Watamate Puro can be refilled with Puro Fil Cartridge (Available Separately) each cartridge can work upto 60 days for an individual consumption on standard use.

What it Filters

✔ Chlorine

✔ Contaminants

✔ Bacteria

✔ Water odour


✔ Students

✔ Elders

✔ Children

✔ Patients


1. Take out the PURO Fil Cartridge from the packing bag

2. Soak the cartridge in clean water for 30 minutes.

3. Wash it under faucet for 3-5 times (it is normal to get blackwater coming out in the first few times)

4. Now your PURO Fil is ready for the filtration task

5. Insert the cartridge into its provision in the funnel

Watamate Pacer+ –Descripiton:

Choosing the best electric water dispenser pump isn't as simple as you might suspect. Numerous organizations make these units and guarantee that they sell the best water dispensers. Likewise, various kinds of water dispensers may befuddle you while buying your item. You might want to try a company that keeps up your trust.

Watamate Pacer+ gets you all the benefits.

The rechargeable water dispenser pump, Watamate Pacer+, accompanies a solid polished barrel-shaped body. The delicate snap button conveys water productively in one touch. The incredible engine guarantees quick water conveyance. It additionally has an inbuilt battery-powered battery to work during a force cut. It is conceivable to convey a water allocator with a watering can. Helpful meanwhile. Superfluous establishment or renovating isn't required.

Include water without any problem. It is the ideal answer for pumping water from a watering can. The large dispenser of water has no heap. It is associated with a water allocator and effectively disseminates water through the can. It speaks to a brilliant arrangement, particularly for kids, pregnant ladies, and old aged people.

Why Choose the Pacer+ Water Dispenser Pump?

  • Powerful water abstaining from DuraX3 engine
  • The rechargeable battery makes it work in any event, during power cuts. Charge battery for 1 hour before first use.
  • Truly compact with inbuilt battery highlight.
  • It fills 1-liter Bottle in only 31 secs.
  • Easy to fix on all standard air pocket top jars; No progressively challenging work
  • BPA free food-grade material with enduring Stainless steel ramble
  • New energy - Rechargeable lithium battery works during a force cut. Charge battery for 1 hour before first use.
  • The water can dispenser pump has minimized force settings.
  • Stylish minimized plan with delicate touch button and metal spout. Fills 1-liter Bottle in only 31 secs.
  • It is advantageous to utilize.
  • No difficult work of water jars insightfully intended for ladies, senior residents.
  • It is durable.
  • High limit battery help pumping up to 5 jars in a separate charge.
  • Worry not tied in with keeping water jars in a single spot at home.
  • The electronic water dispenser pumphas a 1-year substitution guarantee.
  • The Silicon Tube is made out of Food Grade BPA Free Material.
  • Typically it is a water dispenser pump for 20 liters bottles and weighs around 20 kilograms, which doesn't encourage the consistent lifting and bowing of the distributor type. This way, particularly today, we are here to pick the best electric water dispenser pump in India. Proceed to purchase the Pacer Plus dispenser pump immediately.


  • Country Of Origin

Features and Benefits

Watamate Puro ACFT – Features & Benefits:

  • No more hassles of expensive filtration equipment
  • Clear compartmentalization between funnel & jug to separate raw & clean water
  • Global design offering water tightness and easy pour out
  • No need to fix it anywhere making it truly portable

Watamate Pacer+ – Features & Benefits:

  • No more lifting of heavy water cans and ideal for women/ senior citizens/ kids
  • Easy to fit and adaptable to most standard 20L Water cans
  • Works on DC Power and few models work on Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Battery models are truly portable in nature; Works upto 8 cans in a single charge
  • Made of high-quality food-grade BPA free materials


Watamate Puro ACFT – Application:

Ideal choice for Homes, Hostels, PG Accommodation, Small Offices etc.

Watamate Pacer+ – Application:

An ideal choice for Homes, Offices, Factory, Hospitals etc.

Thousands of Indian homes and offices are already patronizing Watamate and do join the family.

Bid goodbye to lifting heavy cans say Hello to Watamate.


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