Watamate Activ+, Bathroom Shower and Tap Filter With For Hard Water with Shower Head

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Watamate is a believed brand with regards to water filtration and this shower filter satisfies those measures by lessening the number of synthetic compounds and chlorines when you wash your hair and skin. This shower filter is excellent if you're hoping to give one a shot just because without burning all available resources.

You can introduce it in only a couple of moments by screwing it onto your shower. It has a seven-phase filter that is anything but difficult to supplant. On account of its overly thin structure, this shower filter from Watamate is best for individuals with handheld showerheads who wish to include filtration.



Active Bathing Everyday with Inbuilt Shower Head : Hardness and contamination in water does maximum harm to skin, body, hair while bathing. Shift to active bathing in pure ionized water with Watamate Activ+ with inbuilt shower head.

Metal Body & Easy Fitment: Solid metal body with brushed finish on top is designed for long years of life. Easy to attach threaded fitting can be fixed to standard 3/4” inch tap or shower head.

Multi Stage Activation: Softening (No filter can completely eliminate hardness) and ionization of water happens with multi-stage layers of Chlorine Removal, Nano Silver Carbon, Micro sieve, Hardness Control etc.,

Lasts Really Long: A whopping standard performance capacity of upto 50,000 litres lets you enjoy active bathing for more than 6 months for a small family.

Reliable Cartridges: Standard pack comes with 1 inbuilt cartridge. Spare Activ+ Fil cartridges are available in regular Option or with fragrance filled Aroma Option.


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Features and Benefits

Minimizing hardness and ionizing water with Watamate Activ+ have found excellent results in hair loss reduction and sore skin minimization. It also helps charged up body & mind after a bath.


Watamate Activ+ shower filter having its filtration capacity of 50,000litres approximately 6months for a small family.

Yes. Two kinds of Watamate Activ+ cartridges available. One Aroma cartridge is the filter which comes along with the fragrance and another one, Regular cartridge is the normal filter.

Yes, the Watamate shower filter really helps in removing ionization in the water using 7layers of filtration technology.

Water flow gets slow and also you feel the difference in water.

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