Watamate Activ+, Bathroom Shower and Tap Filter With For Hard Water

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Is it accurate to say that you are tired of the weird tarnish stains that the hard water causes on the washroom dividers and shower fittings? There is so much that you should confront, managing hard water issues every day. Be that as it may, the problem is, what would you be able to do if hard water runs in the area where you remain? Will you ever escape from it?

A shower filter for hard water is the main thing that you have to break down for all these issues. If you utilize a showerhead, you can dispose of the hard water, and your skin and hair will likewise improve. Here we introduce the best tap water filter in India for tap and shower. So let’s first check what the advantages of utilizing this shower filter are.



Watamate Activ+ filter works the best

If you are losing vast amounts of hair, then the principle cause behind that is in all honesty chlorine and other hard water salts in your faucet water. Be that as it may, the hard water isn't just influencing your shiny bolts. Yet, it is additionally affecting your skin, making it dry and in the end, prompting a scope of dermatological conditions. The main answer for guard you is to sift through the contaminants by the Watamate Activ+, the ultimate tap filter for bathroom.

The Watamate Activ+ Bathroom Shower and Tap water Filter is a shower and tap filter that has a seven-layer sifting framework. This water filter for washroom sift through residue and physical contaminations, hard water salts, chlorine, awful scent, and forestalls bacterial development with the goal that you can appreciate a spotless and sound shower.

Why buy Watamate Activ+ Bathroom Shower and Tap Filter?

  • This tap filter for hard water minimizes hardness and ionizing of water with phenomenal outcomes in male pattern baldness decrease and sore skin minimization. It additionally assists the accused of increasing your body and brain after a shower. 
  • The standard pack accompanies 1 inbuilt cartridge. Save Activ+ Fil cartridges are accessible in the conventional arrangement or with scent filled Aroma design. 
  • The relaxing and ionization of water occurs with the multi-stage layers of chlorine removal, Nano silver carbon, micro strainer, hardness control and so on. 
  • A walloping standard execution limit of up to 50,000 liters lets you appreciate effective washing for over a half year for a little family.
  • Solid metal body with brushed completion on top that intends for long stretches of life. Simple to connect strung fitting can be fixed to standard 3 to 4 inches tap or showerhead.

Go and buy our Watamate Activ+ Bathroom Shower and Tap Filter

This hard water shower and tap filter proficiently expel up to 95% chlorine, all gratitude to its multi-stage layers of Chlorine Removal, Nano Silver Carbon, Micro sifter, Hardness Control, and so forth. The hard water channel includes a scope of hardness dispersal media including Zeolites which washes out the hard water salts with the goal that it doesn't store on your hair and skin. At that point, what are you sitting tight for? Proceed to get your channel immediately and dispose of the hard water. It might take your life back to harmony.


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Features and Benefits

Minimizing hardness and ionizing water with Watamate Activ+ have found excellent results in hair loss reduction and sore skin minimization. It also helps charged up body & mind after a bath.


Watamate Activ+ shower filter having its filtration capacity of 50,000litres approximately 6months for a small family.

Yes. Two kinds of Watamate Activ+ cartridges available. One Aroma cartridge is the filter which comes along with the fragrance and another one, Regular cartridge is the normal filter.

Yes, the Watamate shower filter really helps in removing ionization in the water using 7layers of filtration technology.

Water flow gets slow and also you feel the difference in water.

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