Watamate Flexo+, Rechargeable Water Dispenser Pump with Free Water Can Handle

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Nowadays, a more significant part of individuals relies upon the heavy bottles of water for drinking reason at the workplace or home since it is a quite economical decision. Regardless of putting away a great deal of cash on buying the water purifiers, you may purchase these water bottles for a cost under a hundred rupees having 20 liters.

It would be best if you claimed the adornments, for example, the electric water dispenser pump involving a water outlet at the lower end on the off chance that you rely upon such water jars for a day-by-day utilization. It may be the best water dispenser pump for 20 liters bottles in the event that you are searching for it.



Flexo+ is a programmed and strong pump that gets fixed to the water bottle top for pouring water at whatever point you require it. This pump runs on a lithium battery and is made of BPA free material for your concern. This electric water dispenser pump fits about 20L jugs of different brands with no obstacle.

Why Choose the Flexo+ Water Dispenser Pump?

  • It has an appealing Shiny Silver packaging on a Black body with a simple to-squeeze side catch. Food grade silicone tube sticking to International Quality Standards. 
  • Uniquely intended for India, considering the force cuts and higher power taxes, Flexo+ accompanies a superior lithium-particle battery. A half and half force source can either take a shot at AC power or in its nonattendance on Battery reinforcement. 
  • This water can dispenser pump is beneficial to utilize—no tough work of water jars and consequently perfect for ladies/senior residents. 
  • Fits standard Bubble top jars in Home, Office, School, Factory or Hospital, and so on. The Silicon Tube is made out of Food Grade BPA Free Material. 
  • No need to fix or drill gaps or erect stands and so forth. Incredible for Home, Office, School, Factory, or Hospital. 
  • Electrical cum inbuilt lithium battery container deals with standard water jars and administers water. 
  • After full, the battery goes on for the entire day and works during power cut time additionally. Supportive during the neighborhood excursion, cookout, and so forth. 
  • This automatic water dispenser pump is without hassle versatile fitting on all standard air pocket top bottles. 
  • No establishment or renovating of the house required: Easy to fix and use office gives moment water administering.

Grab your Flexo+ right away

  • So go ahead and buy the electronic water dispenser pump, which will help in your daily routine very much. The pump causes you not to move substantial jars and jugs all over the place while you have to pour water. It not just helps with keeping up a good way from any water spillage at home or in office yet additionally accompanies food-grade silicon tube essentially got ready for long-use. The model primarily gets up close to no power and is the best option for you. Watamate never neglects to support up the certainty of its buyers in India.


  • Country Of Origin

How to use

Features and Benefits

  • No more lifting of heavy water cans and ideal for women/ senior citizens/ kids
  • Easy to fit and adaptable to most standard 20L Water cans
  • Works on DC Power and few models work on Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Battery models are truly portable in nature; Works upto 8 cans in a single charge
  • Made of high-quality food-grade BPA free materials


An ideal choice for Homes, Offices, Factory, Hospitals etc.

Thousands of Indian homes and offices are already patronizing Watamate and do join the family.

Bid goodbye to lifting heavy cans say Hello to Watamate.

Comparison Table


No. Watamate dispenser pumps are designed to fetch water from the bottled 20L cans and dispense water. They will neither heat up nor cool down water.

Standard water cans are of 19L & 20L volume. Watamate pumps are compatible with both the cans.

Yes. Watamate dispensers works with all standard brand bottles.

Watamate pumps will fix tightly onto Bisler cans with its cap on (hole needs to be punctured on the cans). Case will vary with other branded/undbranded water cans. However the fitment maybe, water dispensing will be an easy task with all Watamate Models.

No. Models that are rechargeable has got a ‘+’ symbol in its name (ex., Classic+, Flexo+, Prime+, Turbo+)

In a typical home use a fully charged pump can last up 5 standard 20L Water Cans.

1500 mAh rechargeable Lithium ion battery is used in the Plus Models. This equivalent to most of the Smartphone batteries.

No. Lithium ion rechargeable battery is integrated to the circuit system & inbuilt into the water dispenser. Hence, it cannot be replaced.

Watamate dispenser’s entire body is made of food-grade plastic. Silicon tube which drops into the water can is also being made with Food Grade high-quality silicon material.

Only the silicon tube may require cleansing periodically. Please remove the silicon tube from its fixture on the dispenser. Insert the silicon tube into warm water and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Now the tube is again ready for safe & easy water dispensing.

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