Watamate Puro ACFT, Activated Carbon Water Filter Jug - Blue

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Watamate a renowned brand in Water management solutions is proud to present its unique Water filtering solution called ‘Watamate PURO’. Using ADSORP advanced water filtering technology, Watamate PURO will filter out harmful contaminants within minutes to provide clean & safe drinking water.



GLOBAL DESIGN - Watamate PURO a portable Water filter jug is designed by Global experts with the Indian consumer in mind.

EASE OF USE - PURO offers the comfort of water filtering as simple as in a jug without hassles of wall mounting, large space, manual cleaning, expensive filter changes etc.

TECHNOLOGY - ADSORP filter technology uses multi-layer Composite activated carbon filtration which is highly effective in water purification.

SUPERIORITY - Lid and funnel high precision chimeric ensures only the purified water to flow out but holds the raw water intact in the funnel. Water tight sealing provisioned at the lid avoids spill even when kept upside down.

LOW COST - One PURO ACFT Fil Cartridge typically lasts upto 60 days considering 5 litres of drinking water consumption.


1. Take out the PURO Fil Cartridge from the packing bag

2. Soak the cartridge in clean water for 30 minutes.

3. Wash it under faucet for 3-5 times (it is normal to get blackwater coming out in the first few times)

4. Now your PURO Fil is ready for the filtration task

5. Insert the cartridge into its provision in the funnel

Features and Benefits

  • No more hassles of expensive filtration equipment
  • Clear compartmentalization between funnel & jug to separate raw & clean water
  • Global design offering water tightness and easy pour out
  • No need to fix it anywhere making it truly portable


Ideal choice for Homes, Hostels, PG Accommodation, Small Offices etc.



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