Watamate Puro Alk, Alkaline Water Filter Jug - Blue

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Watamate a renowned brand in Water management solutions is proud to present its unique Water filtering solution called ‘Watamate PURO ALK’. Using ALK advanced alkaline water filtering technology, Watamate PURO ALK will filter out harmful contaminants within minutes to provide clean & safe drinking alkaline water.



ALKALINE GOODNESS - Alkaline water is a good source of anti-oxidants. It effectively helps to balance pH ratio of the body.

EASE OF USE - PURO offers the comfort of alkaline water filtering as simple as in a jug without hassles of wall mounting, large space, manual cleaning, expensive filter changes etc.

TECHNOLOGY - ALK filter technology uses multi-layer Composite alkaline filtration which dissolve solid, eliminate toxicant and enhance immunity

HYDRATION & IMMUNITY - Alkaline water has smaller molecular count making it easier for the body to absorb. Keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost the immune system

LOW COST - One PURO ALK Fil Cartridge typically lasts upto 60 days considering 2.5 litres of alkaline drinking water consumption.

Features and Benefits

  • A simple solution to get Alkaline water at home
  • No more hassles of expensive filtration equipment
  • Remove harmful toxicants and acid from raw water
  • Global design offering water tightness and easy pour out
  • Puro Fil cartridge last long yielding low cost alkaline water filtration


Best choice for Fitness studios, Home, Activity Centres etc.

Enjoy the unique Alkaline water filtering solution –Watamate PURO ALK!



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